4897 - Nyzium Armor

The Nyzium Armor that the warriors of both planets wear is a combination of Medieval-style plate mail and super-technology flight suits. Forged of strong base metals reinforced and treated with Nyzium, each suit of armor includes a helmet that completely covers the wearer’s head (with transparent panes for clear vision). When dragon-riders travel between planets, they cross a very thin envelope of atmosphere, and they must wear a complete suit of Nyzium Armor to survive the trip (much like jet pilots of today have to wear oxygen masks and helmets to survive at such high altitudes). In addition, before making such a journey, each warrior boils a Nyzium crystal and drinks it for the mystical properties and strength it provides the human body. Too many interplanetary trips without the Nyzium drug will result in bodily illness and eventual death from gravity stress. Each Greater Planet has its own style for these suits of armor--craftsmen spend their whole lives making Nyzium armor, and they not only make them functional but striking in appearance. Each warrior will have his or her own distinct touches, but basically the armor looks like a high-tech version of something King Arthur would have worn. Just as you couldn’t tell who a Medieval knight was until he removed his helm, you can’t tell who an individual dragon-rider is while wearing a helm--unless you recognize them by the style or color of their techno-armor.

Author John R. Fultz