4895 - Shael Nevermorn

Shael Nevermorn is a pretty average 16-year-old. He's kind of skinny, very intelligent, and has been trained all his life to become a sage (a keeper of knowledge). At 16, he's now entering the Upper Echelon of sage training, which starts with a review of basic knowledge, which is driving him crazy and boring him to death. He thrills to tales of battles and adventures on Elyptra, yet has no idea what war is really like. His hair is black, worn in the customary ponytail of the sages, his eyes are green, and he's a fairly handsome youth. Normally he wears the simple robes of a sage novice (but early in this story he's going to disguise himself as a warrior and sneak into a war party headed for Elyptra).

Author John R. Fultz