Lina - Sword of Kali

I knew the moment I looked at her that this was a vision I would remember, if I were to live through this day, for the rest of my life.

She was standing there, one hand on the pommel of her battle sword, looking at me, the expression on her face a quizzical mixture of excitement at what was to come and a questioning as to the outcome. Would we both survive? There was the hint of a smile in her eyes and upon her glistening lips. I felt sorry for any Overlord caught with reach of her blade today.

We had moved our battle dragons up to the deep woods during the night. Now hers was harnessed and ready. Behind her the rays of the sun were stabbing though the great trees, burning away the mist as it advanced across the sky.

She was ready before any of us. Ready to mount her great beast and charge forth to the field of battle. We knew we would win this last great conflict. We knew our kind would live in peace and freedom after the day was won. The only thing we did not know was if either one of us would live to see the victory, or each other ever again.

I nodded, smiled, turned and reached for my armor. I looked back just once as I mounted my dragon.

She was gone.

Author: Mark Newell